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Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States. According to EY, pharmaceutical sales rose slightly in 2019 from 42.3 to 44.4 billion euros. Pfizer hit the headlines at the end of July with a billion dollar contract from the US government. The group is to deliver hundreds of millions of doses of a possible vaccine against the coronavirus with the German company Biontech.
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Business for the pharmaceutical giants was booming even before the corona crisis. At the 21 largest corporations in the industry, sales, operating profit and spending on research and development grew in 2019, as an analysis by the auditing and consulting company EY has shown. During the pandemic, the pharmaceutical companies would demonstrate their innovative strength and flexibility.

Pharma is booming

According to EY, 242 therapeutics and 161 vaccines against Covid-19 were in development by the beginning of June 2020. But that is no guarantee of success. “We estimate that 97 percent of the vaccines currently being tested will not see the light of day. In the end, three to four drugs remain among the therapeutic agents that are used, ”said EY expert Alexander Nuyken.

In 2019, according to the analysis, the top pharmaceutical companies continued to focus on active ingredients for cancer therapy. This is where they generated the greatest sales, namely 174 billion euros (plus 20 percent). “With infectious diseases, on the other hand, they achieved sales of just‘ 46 billion euros – an increase of 5.1 percent compared to the previous year, “said EY.

These are the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


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