BioNTech shares after the fall: a spark of hope for the share price

Did the bears overdo it yesterday on the BioNTech share? The share price of the favorite investor and developer of the first COVID-19 vaccine in use fell to $ 83.85 yesterday. As a reminder: On December 11th, biotech shares were still trading at an all-time high of $ 131 and were celebrated all over the country.

In the euphoria, we were one of the first to warn against the fact that with the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine, first in the USA and later also in the EU, the big top news on this topic for the BioNTech share will only come once had breakfast and were priced in the course. Everything else that the Mainz-based company, which is worth billions of euros, is still doing in the field of mRNA active ingredients and could provide news was pushed into the background anyway in view of the pandemic and will have to ensure that the evaluation of the biotech Company to underpin.

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