adidas: A high valuation for the stock

As part of an industry study on consumer companies, the analysts at Nord LB are also looking at adidas shares. The papers receive a hold recommendation from the experts, the price target is 260.00 euros.

The industry was hit hard by the pandemic and lockdowns, and major events did not take place. There were restrictions on many sports. In some cases, this had a significant impact on adidas’ business. Only items for running have done reasonably well.

The experts expect the sporting goods manufacturer to have earnings per share of EUR 2.47 in 2020. There should be no dividend. The P / E 2020e stands at 121.3. Within the study, only Puma achieved a higher value with a PER of 211.4.

The experts continue to give the entire consumer goods industry a “neutral” rating.

Adidas shares gain 0.1 percent at noon. The paper is quoted at 299.90 euros. The current price is thus clearly above the price target of the experts.


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