The best stocks from Rhein-Main 2020 – and the losers

Winner type: Ugur Sahin, CEO of Biontech, whose share has soared this year until just before Christmas
Image: Reuters

Also in this Corona year is one on the stock exchange like
so often: Small caps from Rhein-Main beat the big ones from the region. But there are also downward outliers. We show the best values ​​and those at the other end of the ranking.

If the stock exchange is a reflection of what concerns companies and people interested in investing, then the Rhein-Main shares with the best performance this year should come as no surprise. At the top are an active ingredient developer, a company from the e-mobility industry, a securities dealer with a banking license who benefits from the lively buying and selling of his customers as well as a merger, and a small insurance company that deals with the large chemical industry Long-term care insurance cooperates.

At the other end of the ranking are a real estate financier, a fashion retailer whose customers come from the middle class and price-conscious circles, and an internationally represented airport operator. For our evaluation, we selected the last Friday before the festival as the reference date, as experience shows that many large investors with a corresponding influence on the market have already closed their books before the holidays.


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