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North Korean hackers wanted vaccine dates

The German Federal Ministry of Health also warns of hacker attacks (symbol picture). Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg

According to the Russian security software manufacturer Kaspersky, North Korean hackers tried to illegally obtain information about corona vaccines.

Moscow – At the end of September, a Russian pharmaceutical company related to corona research was probably hacked, the IT security company Kaspersky said. The investigations have shown that an unspecified Ministry of Health was also affected.

According to Kaspersky, different tactics, techniques and procedures were used in these attacks. “But we found links between the two cases and evidence linking these attacks to the infamous Lazarus group.”

Notorious North Korean hacker group

The North Korean hacker group Lazarus has been linked to previous attacks on ATMs and banks. She is also suspected to be behind the devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures that paralyzed the Hollywood studio for weeks in 2014.

According to Kaspersky, two Windows servers in the affected Ministry of Health were “compromised with malware” on October 27th. This is the malware “wAgent”.

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A few days ago, the German Federal Office for Information Security warned against cyber attacks on vaccine manufacturers and supply chains. Most recently, unknown hackers captured documents about the corona vaccine from the Mainz company Biontech and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in an attack on the IT system of the European Medicines Agency. Kaspersky also warned that pharmaceutical companies should be “on high alert”.

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