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At this rate, there will be no more Bitcoins (BTC) available for purchase with, on the one hand, institutional investors who massively buy BTCs, and on the other hand, more and more bitcoiners who could jealously hod theirs. . Grayscale and MicroStrategy have both started the race to accumulate Bitcoin. Another institutional investor is also on the starting line.


The Bears just have to hibernate

December 23, 2020, Kevin rooke tweet stating that Grayscale would have bought 12,319 BTC in a single day for his investment fund.

This amount is slightly higher than the acquisition made the previous week, a purchase of 11,512 BTC.

Rooke indicates that this is bad news for the bears as many investors seem to want to accumulate the maximum Bitcoins.

This new purchase follows that of MicroStrategy which had acquired 30,000 BTC for $ 650 million.

Michael saylor pointed out that MicroStrategy had purchased for $ 1.125 billion in Bitcoin, for an average price of 15,964 USD.

Bitcoin at the top of its game but far from peaking

SkyBridge also announced the launch of a fund BTC with the objective of “democratizing investment in the crypto sector”.


The fund has an envelope of $ 25 million and the minimum subscription is set at $ 50,000.

Bitcoin continues its bullish rally with the support of institutional investors. Analysts believe the peak is still far from being reached.

According to Dan Held, data from the previous halving seems to indicate that this peak will be reached in September 2021.

Bitcoin hit a new ATH above $ 28,000 on December 27, 2020. It is now tackling $ 30,000 after barely crossing $ 25,000 on Christmas Day.

The BTC moves away from USD 20,000, increasingly securing that level against a possible crash.


High for September 2021: Do we need to do a detailed calculation to “feel” that Bitcoin will not hit $ 100,000 if its price continues to rise at this rate? It will far exceed them. Ripple (XRP) is bottoming with the SEC on its back, Bitcoin is reaching new heights thanks to BTC funds created by institutional investors.


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