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Chainsaw manufacturer achieves record sales in 2020

This year, Stihl achieved a sales record. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Marijan Murat

The chainsaw manufacturer Stihl can look forward to record business in the Corona year. Stihl boss Bertram Kandziora said in a report: “In 2020 we will achieve double-digit sales growth for the first time in nine years.”

Waiblingen / Düsseldorf – In spite of all Corona skepticism, the chainsaw manufacturer Stihl posted record business in the year ending. “In 2020 we will achieve double-digit sales growth for the first time in nine years,” said Stihl boss Bertram Kandziora to the “Handelsblatt”. “We will also achieve sales of over four billion euros for the first time.” This record was already exceeded in November.

According to Kandziora, Stihl benefited, among other things, from “the fact that many people during the pandemic were at home a lot and worked more in their gardens”. The job market also benefited from the boom in demand: “The workforce has increased by more than 1,000 to over 18,000 worldwide,” said the Stihl boss.

Should demand fall in 2021, Stihl would still have to “continue to produce at the highest level at least until the middle of the year and also run Sunday shifts because we have to replenish the warehouses in our entire sales chain after the boom of recent months”. In order to increase the capacities accordingly, the investments would be increased by double-digit million euro amounts to around 350 million euro.

Falling sales figures expected in spring

In spring, in view of the beginning pandemic, Stihl made cautious comments about the course of business in 2020 and expected falling sales figures. Nevertheless, the company decided to continue working in March in order to be able to deliver in any case, instead of going on short-time work like many other companies. “In fact, when demand shot up surprisingly by over 30 percent month after month from May, we were largely able to deliver. Not every competitor has managed that, ”said Kandziora. According to his information, Stihl currently even works on Sundays.

In 2019, Stihl was able to increase sales by four percent to 3.93 billion euros with stagnating sales. Among other things, the company benefited from shifts in the product mix towards higher-quality devices. The company does not generally provide any specific information on the result.

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