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Business fears more bureaucracy

Trucks line up to enter Dover harbor. The containers have been accumulating at the British ports for weeks. Many companies want to replenish their stocks. Photo: dpa / Gareth Fuller

The German economy is responding with relief to the trade agreements between the EU and Great Britain. Better than no agreement at all is a last-minute agreement. However, those responsible fear more complicated trade relations with the British Isles – and criticize the fact that the deal now has to be checked under time pressure.

Stuttgart – The German economy is reacting to the trade agreements between the EU and Great Britain with relief. However, experts fear additional bureaucracy; Among other things, complicated and sometimes superfluous border formalities could make life unnecessarily difficult for companies, they say. The head of the German-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), Ulrich Hoppe, assumes that the economy will have to adjust to “profound changes” despite the deal. “From the first day after the Brexit transition phase, trading in goods and services will become more expensive and in some cases may even come to a standstill as a result,” says Hoppe.


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