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Satoshi Nakamoto delivers

To each his own sacred book! Will cryptophiles tear off this collection of Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings? He gave life to Bitcoin (BTC) but also to all crypto and blockchain projects that take up the very essence of decentralization.


The Epistles of Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto first gained attention on the web by publishing the white paper of Bitcoin in 2008.

Nakamoto subsequently spent some time in the community overseeing the project.

It is now possible to acquire a compilation of the writings of the father of Bitcoin in a book entitled ” Kicking the Horent’s Nest “.

The latter would contain all written documents, correspondence, emails and posts from Satoshi Nakamoto.

This compendium has been collected by Mill Hill Books and is available in print for $ 29.

All the writings have been compiled and assembled in chronological order, in no editorial comment.


The sources are mainly websites like,, the mailing list of The Cryptography, personal emails intended for Dustin Trammel, Mike Hearn and Hal Finney.

It’s not a robot!

In the section ” Editor’s Note “, A brief commentary indicates the reasons for editing this compendium.

Creating Bitcoin, Nakamoto would have targeted the major financial powers who, after denigrating cryptocurrencies, are now beginning to take an interest in them, realizing that they have become unavoidable.

The editor suggests that mainstream finance feels threatened by the fact that Bitcoin give back power, freedom and responsibility – financial – to the individual.

Examining his writings, the editor contends that Nakamoto was polite, a good educator, an excellent communicator for whom privacy is essential.

The publisher believes that despite his ability to concentrate, his logical sense and his business acumen, Nakamoto has a part of “boyishness”, a side “little boy”. The final conclusion: Satoshi Nakamoto is human – however, we do not know if it is an individual, if it is a man or a woman.


What if Satoshi Nakamoto had programmed the creation of a future block containing precise information about his identity – we hope it’s not Craig Wright ? Satoshi Nakamoto has remained in the shadows, without seeking to take the merits of his creation: humility or logical discretion to make Bitcoin a truly decentralized network that does not belong to anyone but rather to all those who want to free themselves from the financial dictatorship of governments.

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