Snert Soup comes with an alternative New Year’s Dive

The Unox New Year’s Dive has been around since 1960, read all the facts about this event here. However, a major event has been canceled on the coming New Year’s Day 2021 due to the new lockdown. Very creative and clever, the Unox marketers this time together with agency Being There came up with the idea that cans of salt seawater can now be ordered. You put it in the refrigerator at home and throw it over you with your family on New Year’s Day, just at home in the shower. So a New Year’s dive at home, cold, refreshing, safe and laughing. Read more about it here.

Alternative dive
However, the men behind saw their chance and now challenge you to choose a slightly more comfortable path. A matching can of Snert can be ordered via the webshop, but also an entire merchandising line, such as t-shirts with the Snert inscription. Part of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank, the soup is preferably consumed hot, as the accompanying film shows. After all, the year has been chilly enough, think initiators Joris Bijdendijk (restaurant Rijks) and sausage brand Brandt & Levie. In the webshop the Snert can of 800ml is called ‘the star of the show’.

Hat on
‘You saw him in the newspaper, on the internet, in the tram, on billboards along the highway and now also in your fashion’, the Snertmakers show off their looks. The soup can be ordered online for five euros per can, including a food bank donation. The Snert packages are also for sale in the STACH store chain and available exclusively via Deliveroo for delivery throughout Amsterdam. A special pop up Snert bar can be found at Overtoom 112 in Amsterdam.

Snert year
Samuel Levie: ‘We don’t have to explain that 2020 was a bad year. It felt like a long freezing cold shower. Start 2021 with a little love for yourself. With a warm bath or shower, a cap and a nice snack. Isn’t that much better than such a cold dip? Joris and we from Brandt & Levie sausage makers invite you to participate. Get a good start at ‘

Good cleaning
Joris Bijdendijk: ‘Canned food is a magical invention, we should realize that a little more. It starts with good ingredients. We are going to give the world of tin a thorough cleaning in the coming years. ‘ Watch the accompanying video here Linkedin.


Concept and copy: Food Cabinet
Director of camerawork production: Freek Zonderland / WIRTZ, Film & Experience Agency
Art direction and direction: Alain de Bruijn
Locations: Eden Hotels, Cafe Modern


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