publity: Olek is stepping down as CEO

Thomas Olek is leaving the board of publity. The previous CEO is leaving at the end of the year. He will remain with the real estate company as a consultant. He will focus on the area of ​​big data real estate analysis.

Thomas Olek on his plans: “Digitization, big data real estate analysis and, last but not least, international positioning will be decisive factors in determining which companies will play a leading role in the global real estate industry in the coming decades. publity is already excellently positioned here and I would like to concentrate my strength and expertise to consolidate and expand this leading position. “

Actually, Olek was supposed to become a board member of the publity subsidiary Preos. The corresponding discussions with the Supervisory Board have, however, been postponed.

At the same time, Olek assures that he wants to remain publity’s major shareholder in the long term. Depending on the development of the course, he could increase his participation further. According to the semi-annual report, Olek holds around 38 percent of publity through TO Holding. The existing lock-up agreements will continue to be observed.

The publity board of directors will consist of two people in future: Frank Schneider and Stephan Kunath.

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