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How does the home & living brand Dille & Kamille keep the customer standard high? CustomerFirst calls e-commerce manager Arnout Baas about it. “Where every company avoids telephone contact, we say: call us about everything.”

Dille & Kamille: “Where others stayed open, we opted for security and closed the doors”

Adeptiv recently announced that it will support Dille & Kamille in optimizing the digital channels. After all, the corona crisis caused a booming online business and now the task is to tackle the online experience. Digitization creates extra opportunities to come into contact with the customer, says e-commerce manager Baas. However, he does not expect that the physical store will ever lose its function – apart from a lockdown. “The store changes from a functional role to an experience. If you go to a store it should be for fun, not because you need something. A city center with shops will change, but never disappear. “The crisis has not changed anything for Dille & Kamille. “It is a great fit for our brand to make people feel safe. We radiate tranquility throughout our brand experience. Of course, the physical shopping experience is under pressure and that is precisely why we closed all stores during the first wave. Where others stayed open, we opted for security and closed the doors. “

Dille & Kamille: “You can have the same feeling of an Instagram account as of a store”

Where the retailer has no difficulty in creating a “safe shopping experience”, this is a different story for the interaction. In times of crisis, Baas finds it a challenge to find a suitable contact solution. “When stores are closed, you don’t see customers face to face. When stores are open, employees prefer to stay behind checkouts, which is not an ideal situation for anyone. “Therefore a (partial) switch from physical to online. “We wanted to create a consistent experience online and physically. The brand must be transferred on two channels. It is a misconception that this propagation must be the same. You can have the same feel of an Instagram account as you would of a store, despite being completely different. It’s in the brand and customer promise. It’s the same. “

Apple pie recipe

Dille & Kamille’s credo seems clear: a no-nonsense customer approach. This is also reflected in the technological field, says Baas: “I don’t really believe in chatbots. The level of the bots is still too fake, like the automated broadcasters at train stations. You hear a human, friendly voice, the information is correct, but you will never become friends with it. We prefer real personal contact. I can imagine that the distinction with a human being in the future is negligible. Then we may have to reconsider this position. “
The e-commerce manager emphasizes once again that personal contact is of great importance for customer satisfaction. “Our reviews contain many names of customer service employees who have helped customer A or B well. We also see that our appreciation is higher after contacting customer service. “Something has to go wrong before you really appreciate the retailer. “That is why my dream is that this department is not only called because an article has not arrived, but acts more as a source of information. From a customer who has bought a baking pan and is wondering if a service employee has a good recipe for an apple pie. We want to act as a good friend on the call list. Where every company avoids contact by telephone, we say: call us about everything. We organize our FAQ pages as completely as possible – some customers simply want to quickly read the answer to their question. Other times it works better to call again. We leave the choice to the customer. “

This article was written by Nina van Klaveren, editor-in-chief of our sister title CustomerFirst and previously appeared on; image courtesy of Facebook page Dille & Kamille.


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