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Block-Note is an initiative launched by Hasheur in 2018. Once every two weeks, Hasheur and a guest from the ecosystem summarize the most important news from the past two weeks. The goal behind this initiative is to allow anyone to follow everything that is happening in a fast-paced ecosystem.


On the daily menu

As of this writing, the Block-Note # 47 just got out. And, what is certain is that there are many news at the end of 2020. On the menu:

  • New record for Bitcoin (BTC)
  • SEC sues Ripple
  • Ledger customer data made public
  • CME Launches Ethereum (ETH) Futures
  • Ethereum seduces investors
  • Coinbase prepares its IPO
  • Institutionalists still fully on Bitcoin
  • Ethereum 2.0 crosses 2 million ETH in stacking
  • A non-fungible token (NFT) sells for $ 777,777
  • Kraken joins the Lightning Network

You can see it, The news is loaded!

And for the occasion, this is your servant editor deputy chief who lent themselves to the exercise alongside Hasheur. We hope you like the news we have selected!

When, where and how to follow this initiative?

If you want to follow the next editions, know that the next edition will be released on January 11, 2021.

To follow it, several possibilities. The first is to look at Hasheur’s Medium, on which all Block-Notes are published.


But, the easiest way not to miss anything is to subscribe to the newsletter dedicated to this project! Thus, you will receive an email each time Block-Note is released.

Block-Note is an initiative that will soon be celebrating its 50 releases. The concept has been in existence for 47 editions, and it appeals to the public. Indeed, the sorting in the news and the effective summary of the latter allow everyone to keep a relevant watch without having to spend hours and hours. At Cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend Block-Note, in addition to our daily news, of course!


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