BioNTech share: The crash of the investor’s favorite could go on

With share prices between 96.64 dollars and 99.89 dollars, the BioNTech share was unable to set any new technical accents on the last trading day before the long Christmas weekend. The vaccination programs against the pathogen of the COVID-19 pandemic have now started in the EU as well. But the major developments were recently priced into the BioNTech share price – we recently pointed out this several times. Mainly because of this, the Mainz biotech company’s course is going through a consolidation. BioNTech shares fell from $ 131, the new all-time high on December 11th of this year, to $ 95.00, which was hit on December 23rd.

In terms of the chart, the BioNTech share on NASDAQ stabilized in the range of 95.00 / 96.64 dollars in the days from December 22nd to 24th. Whether this is already sufficient to turn the trend upwards again after a price loss of 36 dollars or more than 27 percent within a few days, or whether further chart-technical sell signals are imminent, could be decided today.


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