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There is no better place than Free TON where the role of the community comes to the fore and in itself determines the future of the network. Launched on May 7, 2020 with the ambition to be a decentralized, community-led blockchain network, Free TON will have succeeded brilliantly. Indeed, the different interactions between validators have enabled sufficient decentralization to upgrade the network to Mainnet status.


Decentralization above all, a paying policy for Free TON

Originally there was no entity leading the development of Free TON or the token sales or external fundraising campaigns to support this one. The option chosen, which has not changed, was to focus on the participation of the community who received tokens for a task performed. These tasks have generally been the subject of competitions or proposals for collaborations on the network. There are now more than 100 and more than 20 respectively, resulting in better adoption of Free TON.

In the third quarter of the year, four weeks were devoted to the organization of several validation competitions in order to solicit the most competent validators from various backgrounds. Therefore the network ended up with more than 400 validators to make it sufficiently decentralized on December 22. Now a Mainnet, the network has also acquired the Rust validator for increase its performance in terms of speed, throughput and latency. Otherwise, YOUR Labs made the latest version of the SDK which includes new features making its use more accessible and easy.

Sufficient decentralization achieved in just 8 months

To date, there are more than 15 sub governance groups in Free TON which have been formed to operate autonomously. For each skill sought, a group of experts is formed every week in development, writing smart contracts, building applications and more. This method allowed the network to refine social scalability and task execution.


Thanks to a recent ceremony broadcast live, the Free TON community unveiled the Decentralization Declaration and its addenda initially signed by the first members of the launch. During this ceremony, one of the representatives of TON Labs also paid tribute to the feat achieved by the community. ” We are delighted to achieve sufficient decentralization within 8 months of the initial launch. This reinforces the viability of the governance model chosen for this network, and the power of a diverse and rapidly growing community that is Free TON. ” did he declare.

Although it has only been in place for a month, Cyril Paglino -the CEO of TON Labs- can already boast of the success achieved by the network of which his team is the main developer. The man whose arrival has generated much enthusiasm has already promised more projects to highlight the unique performances of Free TON


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