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Chiliz tokens PSG JUV

A crypto whose value indirectly depends on the power and precision of a shot or a header: the important thing is no longer to participate but to win. Since their listing on Binance, the price of these crypto-foots has increased significantly. When fans’ olas boost the price of their favorite club’s token.


PSG and JUV are popular

December 14, 2020, Binance had listed 2 utility tokens associated with the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and the Juventus (JUV).

Since their listing, these 2 tokens have increased in the order of 80% to 160%. Designed by and Chiliz, these tokens allow fans to receive exclusive rewards and participate in the decisions of the club.

Binance Research had indicated that these rewards can take the form of tickets to matches, exclusive experiences, digital badges, etc.

Token holders JUV can vote via a smart contract during polls organized by the Juventus.

The club is contractually obligated to act on the results. The performance of these tokens is not necessarily linked to the results of the teams.

Monetize fans

The value of these utility tokens depends mostly on fan demand. Ideally, in the event that larger rewards are granted, the demand for these tokens could increase.

Their rapid success is a critical factor as it would set an excellent precedent for future tokens.

The CEO of Chiliz and, Alexander Dreyfus, said the tokens represented a major breakthrough in tokenization in the sports industry.

He added that this new trend could allow large sports organizations to see their digital assets listed on stock exchanges, in order to generate more visibility, liquidity and volume.


He hopes he can help many other partners in the sports world participate in this digital transformation to create a global ecosystem of monetization and fan engagement.

Coaches are no longer just managing matches on the pitch, they are also becoming asset managers who need to maximize the value of their club’s crypto. Is the new finance financializing the real economy even more than traditional finance? We will eventually tokenize the water and the air we breathe: the price of these tokens may then make everyone more aware of the value of these vital resources.


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