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The initiatives campaigning in favor of a rapprochement between Bitcoin (BTC) and the public will never have been more numerous than in 2020. In the wake of the explosion in the number of ATMs allowing the exchange of cryptocurrency, the UK has just achieved a big blow. It will now be possible to sell Bitcoin in 16,000 ATMs nationwide thanks to the partnership concluded between BitcoinPoint and Cashzone. One of the goals of this deal is to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrency in the UK.


More distributors to solve the problem of accessibility to Bitcoin

This is news that should delight Bitcoin holders residing in the UK with limited options when it comes to point of exchange. By partnering with BitcoinPoint, Cashzone allows those who wish to sell their holdings in BTC through its ATMs located all over the country. To use this service, customers must open an account on the website of BitcoinPoint and enter the amount to be withdrawn as a multiple of £ 10. The procedure then involves scanning a QR code followed by entering a PIN code sent to the customer by SMS.

The big advantage of this formula is that you exemption from the use of a bank card or prior membership of a banking service. This is one of the reasons for this partnership, as evidenced by the comments made by Benoît Marzouk, Managing Director of BitcoinPoint.Since registering on a cryptoexchange can be a complex process for those uninformed about technology, the scarcity of Bitcoin ATMs has made Bitcoin’s accessibility problematic. He said through a press release. The wide availability offered by the 16,000 cashzone distributors will therefore promote the massive adoption of bitcoin.


Bitcoin ATMs are gradually flooding the planet

Regardless of this initiative, ATMs for exchanging Bitcoin for Trust are growing all over the world. With an increase of over 167%, this type of installation has reached the 10,000 unit mark last September. In November alone, there were over a thousand that were opened to the public.

With 2020 having shed a little more light on the role of assets in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, this trend makes perfect sense. Although their number is now far from sufficient to meet demand, there is currently a solution to quickly find such a distributor. Thanks to a precise census, CoinATMRadar indeed allows users to find a Bitcoin distributor near them..


While waiting for the official advent of the CBDCs in 2021 for an already exciting battle, Bitcoin therefore continues to calmly gain ground by approaching the public more closely. The proliferation of these distributors around the world should prove to be of great help when it comes to dealing with the deployment strategies of central banks’ digital currencies.


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