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Lumi wallet bitcoin purchase

Lumi added the apple to its wallet and, it took only a week for it to see significant growth in the number of its users. This wallet, which targets both beginners and experts, wants to eliminate friction when trading cryptocurrencies.


The Lumi wallet fills up with new users

One week after enteringApple Pay sure Lumi, the wallet recorded an increase in sales of Bitcoin (BTC) by 209%.

The developers of Lumi indicate that this is probably due to the simplification of purchasing procedures and the reduction in the processing time for payment transactions.

The majority of users of Lumi come from United States, of United Kingdom, of Canada, of the’Australia, of Nigeria and some France.

Lumi sees a 29% increase in the number of new users fromLatin America, compared to November 2020.

As to United States and at Canada, the proportion of new users is 17% compared to 5.8% fromEurope.

Light on Lumi

The main objective of integrating ’Apple Pay in Lumi was to simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency.


This is because, due to KYC verifications, purchasing through traditional payment methods can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Sure Lumi, customers buying cryptos through Apple Pay, can skip identification procedures, reducing the time to less than 15 seconds.

According to CEO of Lumi Wallet, Diana furman, Apple Pay was a key element for the company’s portfolio and for the adoption of Bitcoin in general.

She points out that the company has received a positive response fromios and the cryptosphere.

Lumi was founded in 2017 and offers secure electronic wallet solutions. The wallet Lumi is non-custodial, open source, with versions for Android, ios and web.

It is designed for beginners and advanced users, combining complete anonymity with a simple to use interface.


A more attractive offer, a Bitcoin which reaches a new ATH above 24,000 USD: the number of Lumi users is exploding, the wallet should shine with its bright idea of ​​integrating Apple Pay into its means of payment. KYC procedures are now a friction in buying cryptos: to eliminate them is to expose yourself to legal action by regulators. To integrate them is to attract lightning from the hard branch of the cryptosphere which defends the right to anonymity. In short, a double-sided problem for exchanges and wallets.

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