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Paxfux Sauti Sol partnership

No need to introduce Paxful to the regulars of the media you read. As a reminder, this is one of the leading marketplaces for peer-to-peer bitcoin transactions. The company has just announced a partnership with Sauti Sol, a very popular musical group in Central Africa. The purpose of the agreement: to increase Paxful’s business in Kenya while stimulating the adoption of bitcoin (BTC).


Make known “the wonders of bitcoin”

Both sides have it. The main aim of the partnership would be to contribute to the adoption of bitcoin in the country. More precisely, Paxful will be featured in the upcoming music video for “My Everything“. Released in audio format six months ago, the song has already been auditioned over a million times on youtube.

For Colin Gayle, representative of Sauti Sol, this partnership with Paxful will play a crucial role in the adoption of bitcoin (BTC).

“They are pioneers in the crypto industry in Kenya. With Sauti Sol on board, we hope to introduce kenyans to the wonders of bitcoin and take adoption to the next level ”.

That’s not all, it’s not just about making a music video. The musical group organized a live with Ray youssef (CEO of Paxful) on December 23. Other events of which we do not know the details at this time are also planned.


Paxful invaded Kenya

This collaboration is born as paxful business explodes in Kenya. In 2020, it recorded a volume of over $ 40 million in the country.

The number of its Kenyan users has also exploded with an increase of 60,000 users this year. The platform has also strengthened its local team.

“Paxful is committed to reaching as many people as possible to help them better understand the opportunities offered by the crypto-economy. With this in mind, we have a new team in Kenya who will continue to learn from our Kenyan users while providing them with the best education and support. ”- said Ray Youssef.


Paxful continues to demonstrate its interest in the Kenyan market. A few days ago, the company announced its association with bitlipa, a local payments network. The collaboration with Sauti Sol has the potential to make the platform known to younger people. This is one more step in the popularization of bitcoin.


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