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Digital board game based on Ethereum, Axie Infinity offers a clever mix of Pokémon and Tamagotchi from which it draws its inspiration. With a total of 18,590 active users last month, it remains the most popular game according to DappRadar data. Its growing number of users has prompted game designers to prepare an extension for it so as not to encumber Ethereum more. The development of a new channel being chosen as the solution, this task was entrusted to the game publisher Ubisoft. This will therefore serve as a validator for the game sidechain called Ronin.


A sidechain designed to satisfy the growing number of users

With Ronin, Axis Infinity transfers the shares to a second connected blockchain while still allowing Ethereum to blow. If the first challenge the sidechain responds to is the growing number of users, it will also speed up the gaming experience. This feature has already been successfully tested in the latest private testnet launched by the game and which is expected to expand to the public soon. Outraged Ubisoft, Axis Infinity also brought in other validators to launch the sidechain.

These include cryptoexchange Binance, game publisher Animoca Brands, non-fungible token data provider, and blockchain infrastructure company SPARQ. All these validators will have the onerous task of approving transactions involving the Ronin sidechain whether it is a reception or a sending. Added to this are the updating of the price oracles and some administrative tasks relating to the functioning of the ecosystem ofAxis Infinity. According to an official announcement, Ronin sidechain is expected to also provide proof of stake and other Layer 2 solutions.

Ubisoft: an obvious choice for Axie Infinity

The game publisher can indeed boast of relying on its dashboard big traditional game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance. It remains to this day the most active publisher in the blockchain universe with partnerships that speak for themselves. The Ultra digital game store, developed on EOS, figures among the projects for which Ubisoft’s qualities as validators have been appreciated in the community.

With its program Entrepreneur Lab, the editor also enabled projects such as Sky Mavis, Sorare and Splinterlands to benefit from both technical and logistical support. In June, he launched his own game called Rabbids Token, which has similarities to the CryptoKitties and whose profits are used for charitable purposes.


Assassin’s Creed publisher will validate transactions for the new Axie Infinity sidechain, allowing it to scale to more players.

The increase in the number of Axie Infinity users does not only imply problems to be anticipated, but also significant revenue for the game. It has also enabled it to collect $ 860,000 thanks to the sale of its AXS governance token to which is added many sales like that of a creature of the game for 300 ETH last month.


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