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Space Boat art NFT

With the coronavirus crisis, it was essential for several companies to diversify their activities on pain of going out of business. It is by the way the choice made by Space Yacht which is known worldwide for organizing major cultural events. The company had the idea of ​​investing in a record label, but mostly in digital art. After the success of their first collection of NFTs, the group is now set to do it again.


The fastest selling collection on Nifty Gateway

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Space Yacht was well-known within the event industry for hosting electronic dance music or EDM events. She displayed an average of 150 shows per year and enjoyed great renown worldwide. With the crisis, she headed for the launch of a record label signing in passing artists who participated in the first parts of its events. During the summer, Space Yacht entered the NFT market with a first collection that saw the collaboration of digital artist Goldweard.

This first attempt turned out to be a master stroke since the said collection quickly became the fastest sold on the Nifty Gateway market. After the 230 pieces sold in this collection, Space Yacht hope to repeat the same feat with Iconography Collection. This revolves around three main themes: pizza, smiling faces and its motto WE ARE SO F☻CKED. Even when changing industry, Space Yacht insisted on keeping references to his old favorite field. The choice of pizza as one of the themes of the collection comes from a tradition of events organized by the group. In particular, the founders got into the habit of sharing free pizzas.

A new way for musicians and digital artists to monetize their work


Original music composed by the co-founder of Space Yacht himself namely Rami perlman a.k.a LondonBridge will also be integrated into the various works of the said collection. The latter, who has been a collector of art in physical media for 15 years, immediately found himself in his element with NFTs. He sees it elsewhere an extension of art and a potential new source of income for musicians and artists. “The more people who are interested in it, the more viable it is for the future. We are confident that NFTs will become a force in the industry and a new way for musicians and digital artists to monetize their work »He declared.

The NFTs continue to be associated with the art field at the end of the year with spectacular sales for the various promoters. The artist Beeple recently managed to sell all the works of his art collection in NFT for a total of $ 3.5 million during an auction.


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