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We knew that the old brands were gradually arriving on the blockchain, but the news of the flagship game of the MGA was unexpected to say the least for this end of the year! In partnership with Animoca Brands, the game will be available on Wax and Ethereum (ETH) through different gameplay.


When the old world meets the new

Since the beginning of the year a growing number of game or toy brands are arriving on the blockchain. It is Panini which opened the ball in January, followed by Garbage Pail Kids in the middle of the year, then Atari and its token which has managed to forge many links with the blockchain ecosystem.

This reassure the other brands who had to wait to see the fallout from these experiences because today is the MGA Entertainment who decided to launch in partnership with Animoca Brands in the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens. And the least we can say is that the brand sees things very broadly!

Collectibles on Wax …

Following the path of previous brands, it will be possible to find the dolls on the blockchain Wax in the form of a collectible card. The presale will take place on December 22, 2020 with prices to buy quite affordable packs, from 5 to 25 dollars.

Among the 5 rarity levels of tokenized dolls, the highest of them will be able to claim a doll that exists in real life.

One of the interesting things about this new type of doll on Wax is that of the “Bratz Coin”Which will be given for each purchase. These tokens can be used later in the game Bratz Look in order to get new dolls.

… and tokens on Ethereum

Later in 2021, it is on the side of Ethereum that adaptations of this universe will emerge. Through the acquisition of GAMEE by Animoca Brands a month ago, mini-games will emerge on this “hyper casual” gaming platform. But that’s not all !


To add to Bratz Look, the game available on Gamee will be called Bratz Pop and will allow players to discover secret codes in-game to claim ERC-20s. These tokens can then be exchanged in Bratz Look for Bratz Coin.

It is therefore a real small ecosystem that is built around this license and the use of a Play to earn model proves a real desire to engage players in this new gameplay specific to crypto games!

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