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Sandra Chogo, one of the ubiquitous women in the Tanzanian cryptosphere recently published a book on blockchain. His title : “Jihelimishe Kuhusu Blockchain” (Learn blockchain in French). The bouquet is the first local language (Swahili) Bitcoin (BTC) publication in the region.


A book accessible to the masses

Swahili language is spoken in more than fifteen African countries. Indeed, it is part of national languages ​​in countries such as Kenya, Congo-Kinshasa, Tanzania and Uganda. According to Wikipedia, the language is spoken by more than 150 million people around the world.

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The aim of the book is to provide Swahili readers with answers to basic questions. For Sandra Chogo, its author, the authorities are increasingly interested in blockchain and his book will help to better popularize the subject.

It mainly answers the question of knowing what bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency are. In addition to the educational process, it deals with regulatory issues and the role that each individual can play in moving it forward in the right direction.

The book also leads the reader to wonder about the role that blockchain can play in the development of African countries.

Great success when the book came out

A few days after its publication in early November, the book met its first success. Indeed, after buying the book, the director of the National Council of Tanzanian Accountants and Auditors recommended him to the governor of the country’s central bank, the teacher Florens Luoga.

According to information from bitcoinKE, “the governor of the bank was very excited to receive the book“. The latter allegedly even requested the author’s signature for his copy along with a photo.

Sandra Chogo hands over her book to the Governor of the Bank of Tanzania
Sandra Chogo hands over her book to the Governor of the BoT


His wish was granted. As seen in the photo above, Sandra Chogo handed over the book to the governor personally. This happened at a conference organized by the Tanzania Institute for Risk Management.

When bitcoin is still being traded “Geek money”, initiatives to make it more accessible are multiplying. This book is one of them. It is placed as the ultimate reference for tens of millions of Swahili readers wishing to take the first steps in crypto. It is available here for just US $ 16.

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