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These buildings are known from film and television series

When film sets become famous, they are downright attractive to fans of the film and television world. Some buildings are mainly used as rental property for company events and filming and are financed in this way – others are normal hotels.

Famous real estate

Movies and television series often make use of real real estate in order to use them as a film location. On the one hand, this is cheaper than building an elaborate set for each film; on the other hand, many properties correspond to the director’s exact ideas anyway.

Certain properties are booked again and again for different productions, which means that these properties enjoy high popularity in real life, which in certain cases pays off.

While renting out a lucrative business model opens up a lucrative business model for some film property owners, other buildings usually serve as restaurants or hospitals.

The following properties achieved real celebrity and cult status through their appearances.

Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello is located on the Lavedo peninsula on Lake Como and was originally built as a monastery in 1787. The villa is now owned by the Italian cultural and environmental protection organization FAI, which finances the maintenance costs through donations and rentals.

It has already served as a backdrop for the films “A Summer at the Lake”, “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clone Warriors”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and “James Bond – Casino Royale”.

Greystone Mansion

The Greystone Mansion is located in Los Angeles in the Beverly Hills district, in 1928 the oil manager Edward L. Doheny had the villa built for his son Edward Doheny Jr. It has been on the US National Register of Historic Places since 1976.

Since then, the property has been used for private events and filming, and the Greystone Mansion has served as a backdrop in more than 70 films. For 5,000 euros the villa can be rented for four hours, so you could celebrate your birthday in the house of the X-Men.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel can be found in Estes Park in the US state of Colorado. The hotel opened in 1909 and served the American upper class as a resort just a few kilometers from the Rocky Mountains.

The hotel became famous for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Shining”, and the rooms at the Stanley Hotel have been particularly popular with fans ever since.

The Black Forest Clinic

The Black Forest Clinic or its property is also very popular in Germany. Since the building first served as a location for the popular television series in 1985, fans have been traveling to the clinic near Freiburg again and again.

People have actually been treated in the Black Forest Clinic since 2014, and the building now serves as a treatment center for patients with mental illnesses.

Ice Q

A restaurant in Sölden, Austria: Here tourists can usually enjoy food for gourmets, including a view. In 2015, the restaurant served as an alpine clinic in a futuristic style for the production of “James Bond – Specter”.

Since then, the Ice Q, at an altitude of 3,048 meters, has been a real magnet for film fans.

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