Tele Columbus before takeover by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure – United Internet on board

Tele Columbus is about to be acquired by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. Tele Columbus has signed an investment agreement with the future Kublai GmbH from the sphere of influence of Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. The investor is offering an amount of 3.25 euros per share in the Berlin cable network operator. If the offer is successful, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners will also guarantee a capital increase of EUR 475 million, which Tele Columbus intends to have shareholders approve in order to implement the Fiber Champion strategy. “In addition, the Bidder has agreed to provide further equity of up to 75 million euros for the implementation of the Fiber Champion strategy after the transaction has been completed,” said the Berliner.

Major shareholder United Internet, with a 29.9 percent stake in Tele Columbus, is also on board. The TecDAX-listed company announced on Monday that Tele Columbus will support the Fiber Champion strategy in the long term. There is also support for the takeover offer: If this is successful, United Internet announces that the minority stake in Tele Columbus will be brought into the bidding company, which will be called Kublai GmbH, and thus acquire a minority stake in the bidding company. “When the takeover offer is completed, United Internet will participate in the capital increase in the order of 142 to 190 million euros”, the TecDAX-listed company continues.

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With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute: Corona and the miraculous increase in money in Europe
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