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nicehash refund hack

Nicehash offered a pleasant surprise to its users who were victims of the 2017 hack, paying them back as Christmas 2020 approaches. The platform has shown its resilience, just like Bitcoin (BTC), after the hack. The experts haven’t bet on them, however, and hackers are still running.


Refund: better late than never

The trading platform and mining pool based in Slovenia, Nicehash, announced that it reimbursed users affected by a hack that occurred in 2017 and led to the theft of 4,640 BTC.

Nicehash refund hack 2017

In a letter published on December 17, 2020, the CEO of Nicehash, Martin Skorjanc had indicated that the value of these Bitcoins was then estimated at 55 million dollars and at the current price, their value is around 100 million dollars.

The hack took place on December 6, 2017 and led to an interruption of the platform’s operations.

At the material time, the platform had announced on Reddit that their payment system had been compromised and that the entire contents of their wallet Bitcoin had been stolen. The platform was operational again 15 days after the hack.

Cold case: hackers out of reach

Skorjanc had mentioned in his letter that his team had called on many experts to help them find adequate solutions in order to continue their activities.

Unfortunately, the majority of these experts were pessimistic and claimed that there was no viable solution for them. Despite these negative opinions, the team chose to continue and gradually repaid the victims.

Police authorities have still failed to identify the perpetrators of the hack and Nicehash continues to follow the subject closely with the cooperation of international organizations, as hackers are generally based abroad.


Nicehash connects sellers and buyers of hashrate with the goal of bringing the mining industry to large numbers of people.

It’s not just asset managers who should be educating themselves to better understand Bitcoin. It is high time the police in charge of tracking down cybercriminals update their knowledge, by studying the different workings of blockchain protocols, trading platforms, mining pools, etc. With Bitcoin currently trading at $ 23,230, many hackers are sure to resume service and set their sights on the oldest crypto.


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