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Even the wrongdoers don’t let it go. The CEO of Nexus (NXM) suffers a double attack from the hacker who managed to steal a significant amount of NXM from him. The thief has turned into a blackmailer. His motivation: greed or thirst for revenge following the bonus offered to complicate the laundering of stolen tokens?


In any case, the hacker seems to have decided to give his victim a nightmare: a return to real facts that could inspire a Hollywood screenwriter.

4,500 ETH: no worries for a rich man

On December 14, 2020, a hacker steals $ 8.3 million in NXM in the private wallet of CEO of Nexus Mutual, Hugh karp.

On December 16, 2020, he sends a message registered in the block of a transaction Ethereum (ETH) where he asks Karp a ransom of 4,500 ETH.

It will cease the sale of NXM stolen until they recover their value or until the ransom is paid.

It is not known if the hacker offered in return to return the rest of the NXM stolen still in his possession, although this is probably a prerequisite for Karp plans to give in to blackmail.

The message ends with a list of 3 addresses of wallets allegedly belonging to Karp, with a kind indication declaring that the latter is “rich”.

Karp: a big fish hooked twice?

The hacker would have managed to install a compromised version of Metamask who trapped Karp so that he signs a transaction transferring all of his 370,000 NXM in the hacker’s wallet.

Karp had proposed in a tweet, a bonus of 300,000 USD if the stolen tokens were returned to him in full.


The hacker is said to have already laundered up to $ 2.7 million in NXM, and now asks for an almost similar amount so as not to sell the rest.

Is the cryptosphere really at the mercy of hackers, who seem to know more about the different protocols, than the developers of crypto, blockchains, and DeFi projects? Is this the start of a wave of hacker retaliation, if the victims dare to offer a bounty to put obstacles in their way making it difficult to launder their loot? Expert in decentralized network security: a job with a future for cryptophiles not afraid of rubbing shoulders with code buffs with a vengeful spirit and a vivid imagination.


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