CureVac share: The buy signal is a long time coming – that is a risk! – Chart analysis

Yesterday, CureVac shares shared the fate of BioNTech’s share, which was the spotlight on the EU approval of its COVID-19 vaccine BNT162. CureVac is still lagging behind BioNTech, Moderna & Co. in developing its own vaccine and the economic prospects for the vaccine have tended to diminish recently, which has not stopped CureVac’s share price from rallying from $ 46.12 to a new all-time high lay down at $ 151.80. But then it became clear to the NASDAQ players that something had been exaggerated and profits were taken. Since December 9th, the picture has been shaped by a consolidation that has not yet been overcome.

However, there have been positive developments in the last few days of trading. CureVac’s share price stabilized at 103.00 / 103.49 dollars on Thursday and Friday, which was used to attempt a breakout yesterday. However, the biotech share did not make the break. After prices between $ 107.51 and $ 113.94, the CureVac share was trading at $ 111.30 from NASDAQ, an increase of 6.68 percent – interestingly, that was much clearer than at BioNTech, despite their news yesterday.


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