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Joe Biden surrounds himself with a Bitcoin (BTC) pessimist

Bitcoin (BTC) put new ATHs under the bitcoiners tree today, December 25, 2020. BTC started from a quarter dollar 10 years ago, rising above $ 24,600 on this day of Christmas. There is still a way to go before the $ 30,000. The rise will be paced as usual to the sound of running bulls and key support tusks during corrections.


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Merry Christmas Bitcoin: 10 years of spoiling its fans

The CEO of CoinOne exchange, Danny scott, tweeted today, to share the different prices of Bitcoin on Christmas Day for the past 10 years.

December 25, 2010, Bitcoin was trading around $ 0.25. December 25, 2019 Bitcoin was still trading around $ 7,275.

Based on data from TradingView, Bitcoin climbed above $ 24,655 today, hitting new ATHs.

The BTC Currently trading at $ 24,178. He records a daily gain of 3.82%, which represents an amount of 889 USD.

On the road to 30,000 USD

Bitcoin therefore rose for the 2nd time above 24,000 USD. The $ 25,000 remains a major resistance on the road to the $ 30,000.

Bitcoin started its rally in October 2020, with the announcement of PayPal as for the upcoming launch of its crypto services, an announcement that allowed Bitcoin to take off from $ 11,000 to where it is today.

The bulls had to manage between runs causing the parabolic surges and, the defense of key levels to mitigate the effects of the major corrections.

The 20,000 USD remains a crucial support to defend. The recent correction of Bitcoin made him lose the 23,000 USD without putting the 20,000 USD in danger.


Institutionals are the main driver of Bitcoin to reach 30,000 USD. A massive entry of new retail investors could also trigger further parabolic hikes.

Annual close in 1 week: will bulls be able to run up to $ 30,000 by then? Santa Claus may be a bitcoiner, he gave a nice gift with BTC crossing $ 24,600 today. We cannot close this daily Bitcoin price analysis without wishing readers a Merry Christmas – regular, punctual, new – from The Coin Tribune.


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