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Don’t forget my little Bitcoin (BTC). When a Bitcoin hater starts paying him compliments, either we have to believe in Christmas miracles or it is really time to buy some. BTC loses $ 23,000 today, December 24, 2020: We would certainly like to see Bitcoin hit new ATHs tomorrow, but even though it registered a red candlestick on Christmas Day, Bitcoin has already spoiled its fans enough in 2020.


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Schiff haunted by Bitcoin: keen to wake up?

Bitcoin fell below $ 22,750 today. The BTC subsequently recovered the $ 23,000. It is trading at $ 23,314 at the time of writing.

Peter Schiff was he touched by the spirit of christmas or was he entitled to ghost visits from Bitcoin of the past, present and future?

Mr ” Bitcoin is a scam, only gold is a safe haven “tweeted on December 23, 2020 indicating that the BTC have a great year.

Schiff denies having Bitcoins, he would rather have stocks that would have performed better.

According to him, it makes more sense to compare the ROI of Bitcoin compared to that of these stocks, than that of gold.

Bitcoin BTC Peter Schiff christmas

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Bitcoin shines on Christmas Eve

Bitcoin fell to the level of 3,600 USD in 2020, before reaching an ATH above 24,000 USD: this performance is always worth recalling to qualify the falls of Bitcoin and even crashes similar to that of Thanksgiving.

The BTC is currently facing resistance at the $ 24,000 level before it can reach further ATH.

Bitcoin loses $ 23,000 but bears are not threatening the $ 20,000 defended by 5, 10 and 20 day moving averages well above at this time.


The devaluation of the dollar following the administration’s stimulus plan Trump, the massive purchases of BTC by institutions like Grayscale and MicroStrategy, remain the main levers of a Bitcoin on the way to the 25,000 USD then the 30,000 USD.

Bitcoin continues to consolidate above $ 22,000. The various attacks of the $ 24,000 will eventually wipe out the selling pressure that is present there. The lows show not only bulls defending the current gains but above all, bitcoiners accumulating BTC: enough to prepare the impetus towards the 25,000 USD and further parabolic increases.


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