SAP share: Small Christmas present for the cops?

On the last trading day before the Christmas holidays, things could get exciting again for the SAP share. After an unsuccessful breakout attempt with a false break at 105.40 euros, the share price came back until Monday, reaching 100.08 euros. Yesterday, however, the DAX was able to partially recover from the setback and climb to 103.96 euros – slowly but surely again targeting the important chart-technical hurdles in this region. With 103.62 euros and 2.13 percent price increase, the SAP share was close to the daily high from XETRA trading yesterday, this morning the indications of 103.28 / 103.74 euros for the SAP share price have hardly changed.

The chance after the price fall, triggered by a profit warning, to complete the bottoming out with a stable breakout of now 105.40 / 106.28 euros remains. The lower end of the broad chart-technical resistance zone at 102.92 / 103.60 euros is already in focus, without any attempt at the decisive upper end of the hurdle zone yesterday.


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