Rituals retail teams and office staff deliver 50,000 packages themselves

To ensure that customers receive their Christmas gifts on time, Rituals already launched the Express Gift Service. Bicycle couriers deliver selected gift sets and other gifts to your home from 80 stores. Customers go to a special website for this. If you are not in a hurry, you will be asked to order through the regular webshop. Founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman wants to ‘provide the warm Christmas feeling’ with the bicycle couriers, reported RetailTrends. Rituals’ own employees are now added. They support the distribution by personal delivery of 50,000 parcels.

Store employees go en route
The delivery video of Rituals is on the private app group of RetailRadar. On the site you can already read that delivery before December 24, 2020 will be stiff. That is why the shop and office staff are now stepping in. Many retail marketers are struggling with distribution problems, now that so many stores in the Netherlands have been forced to close and postal and courier services overloaded. Helping hands from the stores can then bring relief and ensure that customers are still supplied. CEO Michiel Witteveen of Mirage Retail Group recently revealed at MarketingTribune that the staff will also deliver their staff to their home with the new ‘Blokker Express’ service. ICI Paris and Intertoys are also participating. De Bijenkorf has started the delivery of online orders with the cargo bike. Home delivery by store employees is the latest retail trend since the new lockdown.

Rituals packages are available for personal distribution


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