Mynaric share: on the way back towards all-time high? – Chart analysis

The Mynaric share was able to assert its latest buy signal from the chart. In the run-up to the outbreak, we had already pointed out the special importance of the resistance zone below 67.80 euros, which Mynaric’s share price could surmount on Thursday last week. In the meantime, the tech stock has been able to generate a follow-up buy signal at EUR 71.00 and expanded the upward movement to EUR 74.80 yesterday. At 74.00 euros and a daily plus of 4.52 percent, it went out of trade, current indications on Wednesday morning are quoted a little easier at 72.60 / 73.60 euros.

For the Mynaric share, the technical signal zones that have been overcome become support levels. At this point there are on the one hand the areas around 71.00 euros and 69.00 / 69.40 euros as trading brands, on the other hand the overriding support area below 67.80 euros. The lower foothills of this zone extend to 66.20 / 66.60 euros. This support is supplemented by further support for 62.80 / 64.00 euros.


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