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When trying to explain the challenges and potential of blockchain to people, the simplest examples are often voting, document storage, and degree certifications. In view of the current pandemic, we are moving, without a shadow of a doubt, towards a digitalised society and diplomas will not be lacking. Fortunately for us, France is no exception and brilliant individuals have launched BCDiploma, a company specializing in the subject. They had us already presented their project during the first confinementt, but what do you want, when the project is good, the news is too. Today we therefore welcome Vincent Langard and Luc Jarry-Lacombe, the two founders of BCDiploma:

EvidenZ certifies your diplomas on the blockchain

So to avoid getting lost, let’s clarify the following: EvidenZ is the name of BCDiploma’s technological solution. This solution embeds a token, the BCDT that it is necessary to purchase in order to be able to use it. Imagine that you are the boss of a company and that you want to issue a diploma following training, you must first buy BCDT to fuel smart contracts. In exchange you will receive certification credits to deliver the precious sesame to all. The diplomas will then be easily searchable through a simple link.

The end of losses and false diplomas? Yes of all EvidenZ

As you may have understood, the point of certifying a blockchain degree lies in take advantage of immutability of it. Such a component has many advantages here:

  1. No more losing your diplomas between two moves
  2. No more forgetting to go and claim the physical version of a diploma (yes, that’s a real experience ..)
  3. No more falsifying diplomas (don’t worry, this is not it)

EvidenZ in addition to making life easier for its users, therefore subscribes to the Background checking market, which today represents nearly $ 3 billion ! “But what is Background Checking?” And dear sleuths of fraud, this is the expense bargain of verifying an employee’s qualifications. If you need to recruit someone you will have to verify that the skills and diplomas they claim to have are true. As you can imagine, such an audit requires a lot of resources, both in terms of time and money. With EvidenZ these problems are a thing of the past.

BCDiploma, prestigious partners on a global scale

Already established on 4 continents and 12 countries, BCDiploma has a wide variety of users. Of the’EM Lyon which is the historical school of the solution, passing by the University ofHoa Sen in Vietnam, to the prestigious university of Berkeley, we have something for everyone. Strangely, or fortunately, the BCDiploma team doesn’t seem to agree and has signed another very large partnership.

The University Agency for Fancophony (AUF)

TheAUF is a worldwide network of French-speaking universities of nearly 1,000 universities which, for the next four years, will exclusively use BCDiploma ! When we know that in The next 6 to 8 years, the number of French-speaking students is set to double, we can only welcome such a partnership. But BCDiploma not only transcends borders or language barriers, it also transcends those of blockchains.

A cross blockchain solution

Originally developed on the blockchain Ethereum, the BCDiploma solution is also available on the Ark blockchain.

If you’ve taken Binance’s Webimarathon, you know you can take your chances at earning a blockchain degree, certified on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). I will let you deduce which French solution was selected for this certification …

A patent and Microsoft as a partner, but where will BCDiploma end?

Not only does BCDiploma have a functional solution, it is also patented. This is already a rare enough thing in the blockchain industry to be highlighted, but its getting it the first time (first reading) takes BCDiploma to another level. It may be for all these reasons that Microsoft themselves have signed a partnership with the French company.

BCDiploma, diplomas but not only

As you may have already understood from this article, while this principle applies to the basic certification of diplomas, it is easy to apply it to other sectors. Here again the team did not wait for us and is already working on the certification of the authenticity of the sale of a work by Rodin.

Well, I did my best, but I have to face the facts, such a complete solution cannot be fully represented in writing. I invite you to watch our video interview with the team. Luc, Vincent, over to you:


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