Varta share: the outbreak must come so slowly! – Chart analysis

After the recent consolidation movement in the Varta share from 138.70 euros to 99.20 euros and the subsequent stabilization at 99.20 / 100.40 euros, the share continues to fight for new bullish impulses. Most recently, a zone below 115 euros had established itself as a resistance that has been blocking a further recovery movement in Varta’s share price since mid-November. With an increase to 114.20 euros – at the same time high and closing price – yesterday, the battery company’s share was able to target the resistance zone, but not attack it decisively. Shortly before today’s XETRA start of trading, the current indications for Varta’s share price in Tradegate trading are quoted at 113.50 / 113.80 euros with a somewhat weaker trend.

The fact that the buy signal that some hoped for has not yet materialized remains a development that is more and more worrying. Sooner or later this could lead to more significant price setbacks for the Varta share, which could then also drop the share price below the first support area at 107.60 / 108.30 euros. In such a scenario, a renewed test of the stabilization zone at 99.20 / 100.40 euros would be conceivable.


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