Sainsbury’s and Tesco fear out-of-stock due to new corona variant

Due to the mutated virus, which is said to be 70% more contagious than the previously known variant, freight traffic between the British Isles and France has come to a standstill. In addition, there are the perils of the forthcoming Brexit. British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s expects its supermarkets to show out-of-stock situations on their shelves within days, unless travel restrictions with mainland Europe are quickly lifted, Reuters news agency reports. “If nothing changes, we will see shortages in the lettuce assortment, cauliflower, broccoli and citrus fruit in the coming days,” says Sainsbury’s.

Distribution from the Netherlands required
Retailer Tesco is also sounding the alarm. All supermarket groups are trying to get more stock to Great Britain and are looking for alternative transport options for products from Europe, including using ferries direct from Spain and increasing stock via alternative routes from the Netherlands, according to Reuters. For example via the port of Rotterdam to other English ports. There are great opportunities here for Dutch food marketers in the short term. The British Food and Beverage Federation also warns that the crisis will seriously disrupt the supply of fresh Christmas food and the export of food and drink if nothing happens.
(PvWK, sources: Distrifood, ANP and Reuters; photo: Wiki Commons)

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