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It is referred to as the ‘highest weekly supermarket turnover ever’: the turnover limit of € 1 billion has been broken for the second time.

Now that non-essential stores have also been closed since December 15, 2020, the turnover of supermarkets has increased even more. Week 51 saw the highest supermarket turnover ever recorded at € 1.02 billion. With this top turnover, the record of week 51 in 2017 was broken.

Sales in week 51 2020 are 13.3% higher than sales in the same week last year, according to Nielsen. In addition to more turnover from food, there is also more demand for tobacco products, gift cards and (scratch) tickets. Due to store closures of Tabak & Gemak stores, among others, consumers now have to switch to the supermarket.

With a few days to go before Christmas, according to Nielsen, there is the possibility that week 52 will also be a great week. Although restaurant visits will be partly replaced by take-out multi-course menus, many Dutch people will also work in the kitchen at Christmas. ‘Due to the current restrictive measures, it is not inconceivable that they will treat themselves to extra luxury and push supermarket turnover to new heights.’
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