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CEO MicroStrategy advises Bitcoin investment Elon Musk

It would be fair to say that institutions have greatly contributed to the improvement observed in the Bitcoin (BTC) bull cycle this year 2020. With several companies in this overall movement, MicroStrategy has been particularly very active. After a recent investment of $ 425 million, the company is now more than $ 1 billion invested this year. A situation that its CEO Michael Saylor boasts, who is suddenly an expert in crypto-investment. He has indeed offered his services to billionaire Elon Musk so that he invests massively in Bitcoin.


Converting Tesla’s Cash to Bitcoin to Encourage S&P 500 Companies to Do the Same

Despite an immense fortune estimated at 153 billion dollars, Elon Musk held barely 1 BTC in February 2019. The man who is the head of the company You’re here whose market capitalization is currently evaluated at more than 658 billion dollars could therefore dynamise this market alone. To succeed, Mr. Saylor offers him to convert your company’s balance sheet into bitcoin by benefiting in particular from its secrets and its expertise in the field. With such an investment, the CEO of MicroStrategy expects that Other S&P 500 companies are also joining the party.

The offer of Mr. Saylor having been made since Twitter, it inevitably caused reactions in the chain with the actors of the medium. CEO of the exchange FTX based in Hong Kong, Sam Bankman-Fried has thus let Mr. Musk know that such an investment could be made in a week, also offering its services. Still in the wave of potential service providers encouraging this project, Tyler winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini, told the CEO of You’re here that there were good reasons to take this path. Unlike the latter, the famous defender of gold Peter Schiff prayed Mr. Musk of do not leave Tesla shareholders in the same situation as MicroStrategy shareholders.


A solution to guarantee the solvency and competitiveness of companies

More than just a way to generate profits in the wake of growing asset value, the CEO of MicroStrategy believes that this is a hedging solution against the crisis. Since his company’s first investment last August, Mr. Saylor has consistently praised the merits of Bitcoin as a store of value. “Large tech companies will need to integrate their products with Bitcoin to remain competitive. All businesses will need to convert their cash into BTC to stay solvent “He added during the appeal to Elon Musk.


As the effect of institutional investments in the Bitcoin market is no longer to be proven, it is the adoption of cryptocurrency that should be the big beneficiary of such a transaction. Of course, this is also a way for MicroStrategy to increase the value of its current investment in Bitcoin..


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