Henri Broen: No statement about success

At Henri Broen, the subscription phase for a bond ended on December 16. The deadline was extended twice. The bond issue started on November 6th.

The bond is open to professional investors and suitable counterparties. It has a maximum volume of 25 million euros. With a term of five years, the annual interest rate on the real estate bond is 7.5 percent.

With the money from the loan, the company wants to rebuild a monastery complex in Koningsbosch (Netherlands), which is on the border with the German district of Heinsberg. A hotel is to be built, 45 villas and a supermarket are also planned. The hotel is scheduled to open in May 2023. The entire project has a floor area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 54,000 square meters.

The bond has been listed on the stock exchange since December 18. The rate in Frankfurt is currently 99.5 percent.

To date, Henri Broen has not provided any information on the success of the issue. It is unclear how much the bond was subscribed.


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