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Gabon: an insurance company charges the CIMA

The turnover of Assurances du Gabon remains unknown compared to the ten other companies.

The Insurance Company of Gabon (AG) calls the Council of Ministers of the Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets (CIMA) to keep a complicit silence on the “unjustified sanction” weighing on one of its leaders.

The action brought by this company aimed at restoring to his rights one of its directors, in this case, Jean de Dieu Brice Enguenya after the withdrawal of his authorization on May 4, 2019 has still not found a favorable response to the Council of Ministers of CIMA. The accused are notably accused of their interference in the life of the company, the withholding of bonuses and the refusal to transmit documents to the regulator.

Since the introduction of this gracious appeal in June 2019, the regulator of the insurance sector in Central and West Africa has not yet responded to either the board of directors of the GA or the main party concerned. Which leads the managers of this company to wonder about the reasons which could justify “an absolute silence of more than a year on an appeal of this scale”.

“Against the charge of interference, Jean de Dieu Brice Enguenya, then chairman of one of the committees within the board of directors of the company, has always been attentive and concerned for the well-being of the company and intervened in the recapitalization of this one at the request of all for the search for partners, which could not be assimilated to any interference in the life of the company ”, explained the company.

“Regarding the premium retention point, extensive explanations had been provided to the Commission, that it is not a question of retention, but rather of premiums not cashed at the time of the facts, premiums which to date have been totally paid, ”we said.

In view of the difficult economic environment reinforced by the health crisis of the Coronavirus, the officials of this insurance company believe that it is time for the regulator to be able to pronounce on this issue, especially since the current situation is to complicate the operation of the business.

Gabon has 11 active insurance companies with a turnover in June 2020 of CFAF 94 billion. It is perhaps because of this dispute on the list of the Gabonese Federation of Insurance Companies (FEGASA), the turnover of the company Assurances du Gabon has not been communicated.


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