Digital bell bag due to Corona: Collection on Christmas Eve

Contactless payment on the bell bag is still the exception – and does not help if nobody goes to church.
Image: dpa

For Adveniat and Bread for the World, the restrictions on Christmas Eve put the most important source of income at risk. You now have to react like many entrepreneurs.

KGermans have not gotten nauseated in the pandemic. According to the German Donation Council, they gave 3.3 billion euros to good causes from January to September of this year alone. Despite widespread short-time work and economic uncertainty, that was even slightly more than in the previous year. And yet the worries of the two major aid organizations, Bread for the World and Adveniat, are justified at Christmas: Both derive a large part of their income from the money that believers put into the bell bag on Christmas Eve.

That should be a meager penny this year, when many church services are canceled or only celebrated to a very limited extent. The relief organizations are no different from many entrepreneurs: they have to relocate a business model that has been tried and tested for decades, even centuries, headlong to the Internet. It honors the churches that they fight against the emptiness in the bell bag with donation buttons and QR codes. How well this works remains to be seen. The same applies to donation organizations: On the Internet, the competition is just a click away.

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