[column] All I want for Christmas: a successful marketing campaign

2020 is the year in which we may crave Christmas more than ever. Nice to the city to buy Christmas presents. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible this year. That scenario also means that the Netherlands will have to do a large part of its Christmas shopping online. A December campaign can be very effective. At least if you come up with something good, because you’re not alone. A good dose of creativity is therefore a must.

Tip 1: corona as an accelerator
The current lockdown has led to a surge in virtual experiences and online shopping. The health crisis lowered the average disposable income of (many) people and had a negative impact on price perception. It is therefore expected that many consumers will be looking forward to the (holiday) offers this year. Also add new, often older target groups who will discover these moments digitally and the playing field immediately becomes a lot more interesting. Tactical marketing campaigns that respond smartly to the fear of missing outsentiment can become real winners.

Tip 2: Avoid email tsunamis
Don’t limit your definition of shopper to the person who fills the digital shopping cart. The shopper journey starts earlier and the smartphone and the email volume play an important role in this. The consumer’s inbox is bombarded with promotional emails during this time. Avoid a sudden increase in the number of emails your consumer normally receives from you. Consumers can be irritated by this email violence, which could result in unsubscribes. Instead of sending multiple emails to a consumer in one day, try to capture the different items (that you would include in multiple emails) in one smart and clear email.

Tip 3: Consider your target audience
Make sure your content is relevant, personalized and current. Subject lines should be clear and short, and under no circumstances should be misleading. The topics you write about must be in line with the recipient’s world. Moreover, make sure that your emails always create added value for your recipients. As consumers receive more emails in their inboxes, they become more selective about which emails are actually opened. A successful marketing campaign has a beginning, middle and end. Proclaiming the same message for a whole cycle does not work.

The Christmas feeling
So a successful campaign, mainly aimed at conversion. But more conversion is not always the main goal of a campaign. Christmas is also a suitable time to score on goodwill, loyalty and likeability, for example. Generating a record profit during the holidays is of course nice, but in the end you have more satisfied customers who come back again.


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