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The concept and production of the podcast comes from Wayne Parker Kent in collaboration with Radio Veronica. The Handicapped Sports Fund is releasing the podcast series under the flag of Three episodes have now been released, the last episode with driver Tim Coronel can be heard here.

‘Unlimited’ is about visible and invisible limitations. Sometimes referred to as a disability, but often not at all. ‘Everyone has limitations, but not everyone recognizes these in themselves. That’s a shame. In that sense, not knowing your own limitations is the only real limitation. In Unlimited Wilfred Genee and I, together with our guests, try to open up that conversation about limitations’, says presenter Eva Eikhout, who herself was born without arms and legs.

Nike Boor, director of the Handicapped Sports Fund, adds: ‘Talking about your own limitations is difficult. Whether that limitation is visible or not. But in the first episode you can already hear a very open conversation. You also get to know the presenters a lot better. ‘

Daan Zoetmulder, managing director of Wayne Parker Kent, concludes: ‘We are very satisfied with the result so far. From the team of Fonds Gehandicaptensport, to the production and our presenters: they have all really looked for a sincere and open way to make this show. ‘


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