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Public blockchains now have a search engine: The Graph. The latter is neither a data aggregator nor an analysis company. Rather, it facilitates the exploitation of data contained in blockchains, thus helping sectors such as DeFi in their development.


The Graph eliminates Google

Tea Graph Network launched its mainnet on December 17, 2020, making it easier for developers to find, index, use and publish data from public blockchains.

This process is made possible by an international and open network of application programming interfaces (APIs), called subgraphs.

APIs form the basis of the majority of decentralized applications today. The transparency of blockchain technology is one of its main advantages, but it remains difficult to interrogate the network to extract data.

The business development manager of The Graph, Tegan kline, describes the latter as the web without Google.

According to Kline, The Graph is not a competitor of analytics companies and data aggregators.

Many analysis tools exist that allow the extraction of data from a blockchain, but most of these applications operate centrally.

The many faces of The Graph

Kline emphasizes that it is possible to consider The Graph like a layer of open data on the blockchain.

Anyone can create and publish their own API for use by the community; the person receives part of the costs when the subgraph is questioned.

All fees and rewards are paid in the form of Graph Tokens (GRT) available on the mainnet.

Uniswap (UNITED), Aave (AAVE), Synthetix (SNX), CoinMarketCap, Chainlink (LINK) and Coingecko had used the pre-mainnet version of The Graph.


The founder of Uniswap, Hayden adams, indicated that the interest of The Graph lies in the ability to facilitate the monitoring and use of smart contract data.

We already had social networks on blockchain with Voice, we now have the Google of blockchain with The Graph. No one has time to read all the “great open books.” The Graph will now allow targeted “readings”, opening up new avenues for improving existing crypto, blockchain and DeFi projects. The greatest contribution of The Graph would be the possibility of identifying freshly inserted malicious content aimed at creating or exploiting loopholes in DeFi protocols. Where would the web be without search engines? The Graph could be the key to accelerating the development of the cryptosphere in general.


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