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There you have it, this rich year 2020 will end in a few days and to end it in style, what better way than to have (or have) fun. Here at Cryptocurrencies, we’ve put together our Santa Crypto list for you, a little late, obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny! So, without further ado, here is our selection of the 5 essential original “Special Crypto” gifts to place under the tree!

Your dress code for the new year

The Block Interview podcast launches its first collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts, inspired by urban legends, such as the satoshi looking sweatshirt, style metaphors with the whale in view or the autopsy of a Bitcoin (BTC), this collection plays with codes and an offbeat tone, for the pleasure of the initiated. Available in pre-order and in limited edition, for delivery to all corners of the planet.

You have the choice between 4 pieces all more original and fun each other:

For those who like to read

The Infinite Machine

the infinite machine

To say that 2020 is the year of Ethereum (ETH): successful launch of Ethereum 2.0 and DeFi boom that’s why Camila Russo’s book is timely. For nearly 3560 pages, it looks back on the genesis of the “World Computer” of Vitalik Buterin. Through the book, we follow the genius of coding: from his 19 years as a leader of a “motley group of hackers”, to the creation of his blockchain which reached a market capitalization of over $ 61 billion . Don’t hesitate to order it!

The Crypto MBA

The Crypto MBA has been designed as a master’s program to introduce you to level of a conscientious investor. The structure of the chapters is based on a subtle balance between left and right brain, texts / figures and images / diagrams, all exclusive.


the crypto mba

If you want to get this book, it is possible to buy it directly on the site dedicated to it!

Football fans are also served!

You have a frustrated soccer fan to no longer see your favorite team on the field among your friends? We have the solution : Sorare. Often mentioned on Cryptocurrencies game Sorare offers a wide range of gameplay possible around collectible cards featuring players. Each card is validated by the football club itself. You have the option to play these cards to earn rewards.

Safety first

Whether for the keys of your lambo or your hardware wallet, extra attention to safety is never misplaced. This is why we offer you an anti RFID pocket (Radio-identification) to put your cryptos on the go. The goal is not to be the object of remote attacks: Wifi, RFID & Bluetooth.

Christmas is a great time to give gifts to family or even friends. But it is not always easy to have ideas, or to find useful gifts. The Cryptocurrencies selection allows you to solve this problem, by necessarily finding an idea that will suit everyone! Happy last purchases!



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