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Podcast “The word long-term strategy often hides shirking”

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz
Finance Minister Olaf Scholzimago images / Christian Spicker

In clear words, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz rejected calls for a long-term strategy in corona crisis management. “Long-term strategy is a formula behind which the slackers always hide,” said Scholz in the podcast “Die Null” (The Zero Hour) from and n-tv. The pandemic is a natural disaster and not a game of chess. “What we experience is like the eruption of Vesuvius. You have to act differently than to say: I have a long-term strategy, then it won’t break out. ”The debate has a“ pseudo logic ”.

Instead, it is a matter of constantly monitoring the situation and coordinating action with science and business. “Anyone who now gives the impression that there is one truth, has no idea of ​​leadership,” said Scholz, who is running for the SPD as a candidate for chancellor in the next federal election. Demands for a longer-term strategy were raised by virologists Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit and Hendrik Streeck, among others, as well as FDP leader Christian Lindner. This constant demand “denounces a strategy that actually exists and that is also intended for the track,” said Scholz. “Namely to observe the situation closely, to make a quick, courageous decision.”

Regarding the economic consequences of Covid-19, Scholz said he was certain that Germany would overcome the recession. “I am concerned about the health of our citizens,” said the finance minister. “I’m not worried about the performance of our economy. It turned out better than expected. Despite the current lockdown, this can give us the hope that we can survive this too without too severe upheavals in growth. “

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