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After yesterday’s setback, most stock indices turned up again today. Meanwhile, there were no big jumps shortly before the long weekend. So he concluded DAX® with a plus of 1.3 percent at 13,425 points and the EuroStoxx®50 1.5 percent higher at 3,500 points. Meanwhile, the presented themselves above average Global Hydrogen Index and the German climbers index.

The bond market remained calm today. The yield on long-term Bunds stagnated at around minus 0.59 percent and the yield on comparable US paper at 0.92 percent. There were slight losses in precious metals. The gold price struggled with the support level of 1,870 US dollars. Some pressure came from the stronger US dollar, among other things. The uncertainty surrounding Corona hit the oil price. The price of a barrel of Brent Crude Oil lost over one percent to $ 50.4.

Company in focus

Bayer wants to collaborate with Veracyte in the field of shield cancer research. Investors acknowledged this with a plus of three percent. Infineon and SAP benefited from the good mood among technology stocks. Siemens Energy plans to expand the hydrogen business. “Hydrogen can be a billion dollar business for Siemens Energy,” said CEO Christian Bruch to “Handelsblatt”. The DAX® newcomer’s share marked a new all-time high today at around EUR 27. At Apple There were reports that the iPhone manufacturer will be launching a battery-powered autonomous car in 2014. The share then rose to its all-time high.

Important appointments

  • Europe – Eurozone Consumer Confidence, January
  • United States – Home Sales, November
  • USA – Uni Michigan Consumer Confidence, December

Chart technical outlook

Resistance marks: 13,450 / 13,600 / 13,710 points

Support marks: 12,970 / 13,110 / 13,240 points

The DAX® started trading with profits and then fluctuated between 13,350 and 13,430 points. A resistance level is currently building up at 13,450 points. If the breakout above this level succeeds, there is a chance of closing yesterday’s gap and a recovery to 13,710 points. On the downside, the index finds a broad support zone between 12,970 and 13,240 points.

DAX® in points; Hourly chart (1 candle = 4 hours)

Observation period: November 3rd, 2020 – December 22nd, 2020. Historical considerations are not reliable indicators for future developments. Source:

DAX® in points; Weekly chart (1 candle = 1 week)

Observation period: December 23, 2013 – December 22, 2020. Historical considerations are not reliable indicators for future developments. Source:

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Call warrants on DAX® Index for speculation on an increase in the index

Underlying WKN Selling price in EUR Base price / knock-out in pts. Last valuation day
DAX® index HR1PQW 9.40 12,900 March 16, 2021
DAX® index HR1PRA 8.18 13,450 June 15, 2021
Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; 12/22/2020; 17:30

Put warrants on DAX® Index for speculation on a price loss of the index

Underlying WKN Selling price in EUR Base price / knock-out in pts. Last valuation day
DAX® index HR1PQZ 5.65 13,300 March 16, 2021
DAX® index HR1PRG 6.61 12,900 June 15, 2021

Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; 12/22/2020; 17:30

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