Mynaric share: It’s not a good day, but … – Chart analysis

The Mynaric share got off to a weak start to the week: In the negative overall market environment, the share price is currently losing 3.86 percent of its value to 69.80 euros. But the latest important technical chart buy signal for the Mynaric share has not yet come into danger. On Thursday, the Mynaric share was able to overcome the strong technical chart hurdle around the core area at 67.00 / 67.80 euros. Today, the losses so far only reach a daily low of 69.00 euros, which means that the signal zone is currently not exposed to the dangers of a rebreak.

If it stays that way, it would be positive for the Mynaric share, which peaked at EUR 72.60 on Friday and also went into the weekend here. If there is now a stable rise above 71.00 / 72.60 euros, this would be a buy-signal for the stock. In this scenario, technical obstacles around the 76.00 / 77.80 EUR mark could become the next target price. If a further, overarching upward movement develops, a test of the top at 87.20 euros would be possible. Intermediate hurdles on the way there would be expected at 81.60 euros and around 83/84 euros and should not be underestimated.

If there is still a rebreak below EUR 67.00 / 67.80, the next stronger support would be expected in the EUR 62.80 / 64.00 zone. A slide below this would also worsen the technical picture of the Mynaric share.


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