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Paxful suffers a cyberattack

Today is a serious day and we are not going to go four ways: if you receive a message from Ledger, do not click UNDER ANY FORCE on the link included in that email. In fact you know what, destroy the email directly. In the next few days, expect data theft attempts, because today a charitable internet user gave us the greatest gift: to disclose the entire Ledger database that had been stolen this summer.


What data is affected?

According to Ledger, the information in your Ledger keys seems to be secure, unfortunately the same is not true for emails and personal data (Name, Surname, Phone and Address) of customers …

Are you lucky ?

This massive hack hits nearly 272,853 people and we are not sure that this is the final number. Nonetheless, it appears that those affected are those who made a purchase from Ledger between end of 2017 and summer 2020. Officially, 17,000 people living in France are affected. Want to know if you’re the sad winner of a Christmas present in advance? It is very simple :

  • If your email was leaked, because you have subscribed to the Newsletter, go here and enter it. You will be warned by a nice red box mentioning Ledger if that is the case.
  • For your personal data, we let you search on Internet and Twitter. As far as possible, avoid downloading files, or pay close attention to yourself. Then a classic “Control + F” tracking your information will do the trick. Do not hesitate to search with different information to be sure.

What if I hit the jackpot?

First of all, as mentioned, do not click on any of the links you may receive!

fake mail ledger

Even though this email is well done and itself mentions the hack, it is not an email from Ledger!

If your email is leaked and it is associated with crypto exchanges, we strongly advise you to change this one. The same goes for associated passwords.

If this is your personal information, be careful and to the extent possible, do not communicate whether or not you own cryptos. Ideally, never store your recovery phrase at the leaked address. It’s also tempting not to keep your Ledger at home.

Regarding the fact of leave your cryptos on your Ledger, the choice is entirely yours and in this case, there is no harm in inquiring directly with Ledger to know the possible steps.


No matter what situation you find yourself in, you will still have one procedure to do …

The last step you MUST take

Dear readers, it is not normal in 2020 that we are afraid of having our personal data stolen and that such theft could affect our physical integrity.

Do you find it normal for users to start receiving threats like this?


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