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Kim Dotcom bitcoin cash

The success of one Bitcoin (BTC) can hide another in the cryptocurrency market, in this case Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In any case, this is the opinion of Kim Dotcom, the creator of Megaupload, for whom the utility of the sixth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization will explode in 2021. He said he expected his value to explode by over 900% and that the asset is more commonly used to make payments.


A $ 3,000 BCH in 2021

In the aftermath of the new record value of Bitcoin, Kim Dotcom could not help but take advantage of the market euphoria to highlight the Bitcoin Cash. A strong supporter of cryptocurrency, he tweeted that if owning Bitcoin was a major asset to retain value, bitcoin cash meanwhile was excellent for payments. He took the opportunity to predict at the same time that the asset would also experience a significant bullish cycle next year. ” Bitcoin Cash at $ 310 today, I expect over $ 3,000 next year “He tweeted enthusiastically.

This prediction did not fail to stir up reactions from the public, who posted mocking comments to the post. When asked to comment on his reasons for making such a forecast, Mr. Dotcom replied, ” More and more sellers are accepting cryptocurrency. Sellers want low fees and fast transactions. I am optimistic about bitcoin cash “. An unsatisfactory response which moreover prompted one of the speakers to react: ” I respect you, but please don’t settle for bitcoin cash … it’s of no use “.

An undervalued asset to be adopted by those who missed out on bitcoin


In the face of all the criticism in response to his statement, Mr. Dotcom was quick to discuss the many cases of BCH being used. He notably mentioned the platform which will now accept cryptocurrency for downloading documents, codes, videos and music files. The software engineer Josh Ellithorpe came in to reinforce Mr Dotcom’s tweet that BCH is currently undervalued.. An intervention appreciated by the interested party who did not fail to respond with a lot of the same meaning or more. ” Undervalued is the key word here. Real upside potential for those who missed the BTC train ” how has Mr. Dotcom.

Historically, it is true that the altcoin market has improved in the wake of the strong performance of bitcoin. But without real massive BCH adoption spurred by many practical use cases, it will be difficult to see Kim Dotcom’s predictions come true next year.

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